Throughout high school, I was active in several sports and clubs including Tae Kwon Do, Cross Country, Track and Field, the school newspaper, and magic club.  During college I volunteered as a math tutor for several classes.  Currently, I enjoy Chess, as well as various computer strategy games.


Aside from keeping my website updated, my most recent project was the construction of my personal computer.  It is an Intel-based system which was built by myself and two friends. It currently rates 7.0 / 7.9 in the Windows Experience Index; based on my budget and resources I am very pleased with this result.

Future Goals

I hope to expand my career potential by learning several new technologies, such as obtaining some IBM certifications and learning Android/iOS Development,  and gaining unique industry experience via working with multiple clients in varying industries over the next few years.  I may also pursue an additional advanced degree, based on how my career develops.

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